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    Stereotypes, biases and heuristics

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    evaluate the methods used to measure biases, stereotypes, and heuristics. Include the following in your paper:

    1. An evaluative summary of the properties of psychometrically sound measures

    2. An evaluation of the methods used to measure biases, stereotypes, and heuristics. Do these methods conform to psychometrically sound measurement principles? Why or why not?

    Please include references

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    1. It seems you are interested in evaluating the properties of psychometric soundness for stereotypes, biases and heuristics in intelligence testing.
    i) in answering this question we need to consider gender biases, racial biases, SES biases and immigration biases- first gender bias- in intelligence testing of the past- there were gender biases as men were trained or had more exposure to hands on work that increased eye-hand coordination. Also , recently, new research show that males tend to perform better spatially. So intelligence tests that have lean more on spatial or eye-hand ...

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    The expert examines considering stereotypes, bias and heuristics in the measure and testing of intelligence.