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Personality tests: descriptions

A) personality tests versus ability tests
b) personality traits
c) emperical criterion keying
d) advantages of forced choice format
e) response style or response set
f) factor analysis
g) objective self-report methods of personality assessment versus projective methods, their advantages and disadvantages
h) word association test
i) Murrayan concepts of need, press, and therma
j) interest inventories

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Personality tests measure the type of personality that people have. There are various types of personality tests that measure a whole range of personal qualities including leadership styles as well as introvert or extrovert type personality make ups.
These tests are mostly in the format of a self reporting survey.

Ability tests measure the ability of the test taker, depending upon the categories of tasks that distinguish between people, what their strengths are. Ability tests could be both written or performance in format.

Personality traits are traits or qualities in the person that sets them apart from others. Traits are central or secondary outstanding personal qualities that are present in the person, as unique to a person honesty, humorousness, and dependability etc.

Empirical criterion keying is a concept that is used in developing a test by seeing which items ...

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Personality tests: descriptions