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Pre-hiring assessment of an accountant

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Another important aspect to finding the best person to hire is pre-hire assessments. After reading—

Fisher, D. R., and Nobile, R. J. Employee selection: Best practices for reducing legal risk in pre-hire assessments. WorkLab Consulting, retrieved August 19, 2011, from http://podiaconsulting.com/pdfs/legal_selection_paper_f.pdf
(see attached pdf)

Develop a pre-hire assessment plan to fill the opening of an accountant in a major bank.

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Step 1
Pre-hire assessment plan for the position of an accountant in a major bank:
The plan will have the following objectives: The applicant must have the ability prepare and post journal entries. He must be able to post transactions in ledgers. The applicant must be able to prepare the cash position of the firm regularly. He must be able to complete financial statements by the end of every month. Every month the applicant must be able to successfully complete month end closing.
Also since the accountant is for major bank he must be strategic, rule conscious, motivating, and emotionally intelligent.
Step 2
The plan for pre-hire assessment of the accountant for the bank will include the assessment following:
Since this is a senior position job modelling will done to identify the personal competencies required to perform the job. There will be specifically described competencies, behavioral descriptions of job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. This description will be used as the basis of comparison between job candidates. A trained assessment expert will conduct individual assessments. ...

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