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Human Resource Management in Recruitment

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If there are two applicants for an HR director position, and they are equally qualified, how would you decide whom to hire? Discuss EEO/AA regulations and issues of "good fit" in the overall organizational structure. Additionally, comment on the possibility that two candidates will be equally qualified. I need help with these questions:
1. Discuss the type of assessment methods you would use in making your decision about who will be hired. In this section, list the combination of assessment methods you will use to hire the HR director. Justify why you will use each one.
2. Elucidate your scoring system and explain why you plan to use this rubric.
3. Discuss how each assessment method will be scored and the relative weight or priority you will give to each assessment method. Further, explain why each assessment method is assigned the weight it has been given.
4. Compare and contrast the different types of incentives that are used to retain top talent.
5. Summarize incentive programs and elucidate the usefulness of incentives in attracting and retaining top talent. Focus, in particular, on the ways in which these incentives are used.
6. Address how corporate culture may play a role in whether or not an employee is satisfied with his/her job.
7. Summarize the impact of corporate culture and work environment on job satisfaction and explain what steps a company might take to make its culture and climate more attractive to top HR talent.
8. Recommend the type(s) of incentives that would be attractive to individuals in the designated HR positions.

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The solution reviews the human resource management protocols in designing assessments methods to effectively hiring the right candidate.

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1. Try and identify the core job position responsibilities that will assist in designing your assessment method in effectively hiring the right candidate. For instance, the selected candidate will have access to financial information or money handling directly that can propose a risk to the business continuity goals. Therefore, the aim is to ensure the necessary assessment tools provide both required skill sets and personality analysis through appropriate questionnaire for determining a good fit with the business organization. Human Resources Managers work hand-on-hand with other internal departments for emphasizing core skill sets and personality traits within line to the open job position parameters. The HR management team is essential in developing the assessment tests methods for assuring the pre-selection and pre-hiring phase entails weeding out any notable applicant - that is far from actual desired candidate. Some key areas of assessment methods relate to the following:

a. Questionnaire of initial skill sets
b. Personality traits questionnaire or testing
c. Background check

The main objective is in reference to assess the initial framework of compatibility to the specified tasks required in meeting daily business continuity. Human Resources management teams operate on collecting results and data for deciphering which candidate culturally fits well and skillfully assist the business primary ...

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