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Self Motivation Assessment

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Please look at the inventory, and score it @ http://www.thinkimpactsolutions.com/images/Self-Motivation_Assessment_Tool_-_Best.pdf

Does the result seem real to you -- that is, does it accurately reflect how you think and act? Why or why not? If you were an HR manager in charge of hiring, would you administer an inventory of this type to your job applicants? Why or why not?

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A personal reaction is modeled after a self-motivation assessment. Some brief references are also integrated.

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Welcome warmly to BM! Please rate 5/5 for my brief notes and references. Your business is valuable to me! Thank you so much for using BrainMass.com!

After taking the test, I personally deem that my own results seem to be highly inaccurate to reflect how I actually think and act. If feel like the assessment was too short and too generalized in terms of quantity and quality to really offer range and ample questions to effectively assess my levels of workplace motivation.

In fact, I am very motivated at work and have won Employee of the Month, Teacher of the Year (2 times), and other accolades, based on my perseverance and persistence, so my results did not align with my real world work performances or outcomes at all. I also feel that the answer choices in terms of "very rarely, seldom, sometimes, usually, and very often," were really vague and hard to measure; they also did not offer enough precision to fully measure consistency or trends.

Another article validates the self assessment process in general:

McMillan, J. H., & Hearn, J. (2009). STUDENT SELF-ASSESSMENT. Education Digest, 74(8), 39-44.

The article recommends how self-monitoring is a skill necessary for effective self-assessment, which involves "focused attention to some aspect of behavior or thinking. Self-monitoring students pay deliberate attention to what they are doing, often in relation to external standards. Thus, self-monitoring concerns awareness of thinking and progress as it occurs, and as such, identifies part of what students do when they self-assess."
The author also addresses how a second component of self assessment ...

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