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Motivation Assessment Instrument

Please read Think Impact (2010). Self-motivation assessment tool. @ http://www.thinkimpactsolutions.com/images/Self-Motivation_Assessment_Tool_-_Best.pdf

Please complete the inventory, and score it. Does the result seem real to you -- that is, does it accurately reflect how you think and act? Why or why not? If you were an HR manager in charge of hiring, would you administer an inventory of this type to your job applicants? Why or why not?

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular problem, you are being asked by your professor to complete a task and reflect upon your answers from a personal and theoretical analysis relating concepts to workplace situations.

So how will you answer such a question? Essentially as long as you cover all the necessary areas required, you will do just fine. You will need to exercise being reflective and you will need to show that you can apply concepts to real life situations. Obviously, you can answer the concept in so many ways - but stick to what you know you can defend orally in class just in case your professor expects you to do so. I suggest using the following outline -

1. A reflection on the inventory, your score and how you found it as an assessment tool - 250 words.
2. Is it reflective of your personality - how you see yourself? In terms of motivation and and its purpose, think of the concept of self-motivation and your own real life experience (present 2 situational examples) - is it somewhat accurate? 250 words.
3. Define the task of HR managers as it relates to hiring and motivation. Having done so, do you think this assessment tool will be helpful to them in terms of completing their task? What is your recommendation? 250 words.

Obviously, I cannot write your paper for you. But with this guide and the information provided below, I can show you how. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

On the Inventory

The self motivation assessment tool in my experience is easy enough to utilize and I was able to complete it fairly quick. The items presented in the assessment are easy to understand, straightforward and right away gets you to reflect in a relatively easy but also effective manner. The items were only 12 but this 12 items gets you to look at yourself in a way that gets to you understand how you tackle problems and issues, how you react to situations, challenges and events and how you prepare for them if you were given the opportunity to have that time to get your resources and your head together in a bid to achieve a certain outcome. Essentially, each question gets you to answer a reflective inquiry about yourself. For people who are not often self-reflective or analytical about why they feel the way they feel or choose the decisions they have done - the simplicity of the questions is easy to handle as they are not 'invading' of one's space. There is no need to regurgitate ideas and expose one's self to another, even if such was in the privacy of a counselling session. This is an essential tool for self-analysis that can fit right in as a personal reflective tool or as an easy enough utility in any HR manager's personnel pack to assist and help hires in keeping a sense of self in the workplace in a manner that would help them reflect about their individuality so that they can continue to improve where they can as well as work towards goals without the ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to help students tackle the task (see above) of completing a self-assessment on motivation and then reflecting on its accuracy and validity from a personal viewpoint to answer the questions listed (see above). resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.