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    Analysis of Assessment Roles

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    Choose one of the roles that assessment plays in the counseling field other than initial assessment for treatment. Such as: Treatment Matching, Monitoring Treatment Progress, Evaluation and Accountability, Outcome Assessment, or Data Analysis. Select a scholarly peer reviewed article that presents an example of this type of assessment in practice. It can be a case study or a research study that describes and reinforces the role of assessment. Please Summarize the study and integrate information from the article that exemplifies the role of assessment.

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    Assessment/Monitoring Treatment progress

    Monitoring treatment progress may be an essential part of the treatment process. A first evaluation consists of the presenting problem, and an analysis of goals of therapy, and assessment (Cohen & Swerdlik, p. 4). However, after the initial interview, the assessment may be continued in efforts to evaluate and monitor the client through an intervention or helping process. Several reasons exist as to why a counselor/clinician will monitor a specific case. For instance, monitoring as it relates to assessment may involve diagnostic treatment that needs to be followed up to determine its effectiveness and/or to avoid a relapse. In addition, assessment involves a relationship between counselor and client that may need to be continued in some form.

    For instance, if the goal is problem solving the assessment goes beyond the initial assessment as the patient may need more intensive and monitored care. Another concern and need for assessment monitoring is its competency. ...

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