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    Theraputic Role vs. Forensic Role

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    Please help with compare and contrast therapeutic and forensic relationships and identify at least 10 differences with supporting examples.

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    As you contrast the two, it is evident that different orientations and procedures characterize the them. 1. First, a major difference is reflected in their evaluative attitudes. For example, therapists are care providers, so they are nurturing, accepting, and empathic. In contrast, the forensic evaluator is an assessor and is usually neutral, objective, and detached. "A forensic evaluator's task is to gain an empathic understanding of the person but to remain dispassionate as to the psycholegal issues being evaluated. For therapists, empathy and sympathyâ?"generating a desire to helpâ?"usually go hand-in-hand. For forensic evaluators, the task is a dispassionate assessment of the psycholegal issues" (http://drbevsmallwood.com/Forensic_vs_Therapeutic.pdf).

    2. Another difference seems to be client versus court context since "The therapist is ultimately answerable to the client, who decides whether to use the services of a particular therapist; the forensic evaluator is ultimately answerable to the attorney, or the court in the case of a court-appointed expert, who decides whether to use the services of a particular forensic evaluator" (http://drbevsmallwood.com/Forensic_vs_Therapeutic.pdf).

    3. Degree of scrutiny also exemplifies another difference since issues of historical truth vary within each ...

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    Using personal ideas and one reference, this posting briefly compares and contrasts therapeutic and forensic relationships with supporting examples.