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    Ethical Steps by Employees: What does a whistle blower owe the employer?

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    1. Set forth in detail what you believe to be the necessary, ethical steps an employee should take when contemplating publicly blowing the whistle regarding an employer's unethical actions.

    2. With regard to Question 1, what does the employee owe the employer? Fellow employees? The public?

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    Guidelines for Whistleblowing

    This list is a guideline that will help an employee to determine if a situation merits whistleblowing.
    1. Magnitude of consequences

    An employee considering whistleblowing must ask themselves: How much harm has been done or might be done to victims of the incident?

    2. Probability of effect
    The likelyhood that incident may take place and cause harm to many people needs to be considered. An employee should be fairly certain ...

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    The solution presents five topics to be considered by an employee considering publicly blowing the whistle.