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    Whistle Blowing

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    Is whistle blowing a kind of communication mishap?

    For example:
    When unethical practices are carried out in the organisation you are working, the people will definately ignore your voices if you do not support and stick to your morals.

    This means you have failed to communicate to them or in other way the reciever( audience who are the people at office) do not understand your message or misinterprete it.

    or say you and the organisation in different grounds of ethics and hence the communication is definately hard to be decoded to each party.
    therfore, I think this can be called as a kind of communication mishap.
    similiar other case, is of Challenger "O".

    Your opinion in about 90-100 words :)


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    I do not think that whistle blowing is a kind of communication mishap. I think that whistle blowing is when a person, who has high morals, and sees a negative, illegal, or immoral act occur in an organization, and feels that it is their ...

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