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    Research on academic integrity

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    Please help provide background information on a paper about academic integrity.

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    //In the present academic area maintenance of academic integrity is the key essentially for the educational institutions in order to maintain the code of conduct of the organizations and maintaining the level of education. It is basically related to maintenance of the academic standards for the avoidance of the unethical or illegal practices in the academic context such as cheating and plagiarism. In this regard, in the following discussion, we have explored the concept of academic integrity in brief under the same heading.//

    Concept of Academic Integrity

    Academic Integrity is in relation to the ethical practices maintained in the field of academics. The ethical practices include the concept of working in an environment being free from cheating and plagiarism. The students being found with the unauthorized material at the time of examination is said to be an unethical practice. When the students are asked to work in groups, and the same are formed without the permission of the mentor, it is against the academic integrity. The students get involved in fraudulent practices at the time of online quizzes and tests.

    The students submit the same assignment more than once, and this practice is also against the concept of academic integrity. For the purpose of obtaining higher grades, the students get into the practice of lying to the mentors and making changes in the documents. The academic integrity of the educational environment is disturbed as a result of such actions. Helping others in carrying out the activities against the principles of academic integrity is also unethical in nature. The attempts made by the students to cheat or to get involved in any kind of unethical practices are also against academic integrity.

    The activities of the students of gaining access to other students work without prior permission is also said to be unethical in nature. In addition to this, gaining access to the passwords of the tutors for the purpose of having access to the question papers, prior to the exam, is highly unethical in nature. The activity of hacking is also said to be against academic integrity. Any form of activity, which is disturbing the flow of academic ...

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