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    Academic Honesty Paper Ideas/Examples

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    Complete a 2-3 page paper on the importance of maintaining academic honesty
    APA format with references

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    To approach responding to this assignment, I would suggest first checking for scholarly resources. Since I do not know what resources you might have access to, I will suggest Web-based ones that I know you can get. In reliability, the web sites go in this order:

    .gov is government, usually considered reliable
    .edu is an educational institution, usually considered reliable
    .org is an organization with an agenda to promote, won't get whole story: suggest cross-reference
    .com is a commercial site with something to sell - won't get the whole story: cross-reference is best
    .htm or .html are personal web sites - anyone can post anything, always cross-reference

    NEVER, EVER use Wikipedia as a cited reference, because anybody can edit it, and don't use Youtube, student cheat sites, or general answer sites, because anybody can post/answer, right OR wrong. It does not mean those are wrong always, because they are not, but they are not reliable without a cross-reference from a more reputable site, so why bother with one that must be cross-referenced in the first place?

    When I search, using your search string why is academic honesty needed, these are some of the scholarly hits I get:


    Notice that all of these are .edu sites. There are lots more you can choose to use as well.

    Next, skim what each site has to say that you plan to use in the eventual paper. APA prefers that you not quote overmuch; they had rather that you synthesize the information and tell what the reference has to say in your own words: paraphrase or summarize. Since this is a teaching example for you, I will QUOTE mostly, because I want you to see exactly where in the sample response that I use and include reference information. I suggest that you replace some of the quotes (most of them) with a paraphrase or summary instead. ONLY cite those references you actually use in the paper, not all the ones you browse.

    Next, a brief outline will help you organize the information and will help keep your paper on track, logical and flowing from point to point.

    1. Introduction
    a. Introduce ...

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    Example beginning essay on academic honesty for comparison, showing quotes and citation in APA format. This example beginning paper is a model for comparison to the student's own response. Web-based references included.