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    academic honesty

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    Ideas about the importance of maintaining academic honesty are generated.

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    As you write your paper, please allow my ideas and links to help your formation. Once you write a draft, please send to us for editing and feedback:

    First, you need to develop a good hook or introduction to lure readers. You might create a story or research one about someone who violated academic integrity and consequences. You can also add statistics to articulate the relevance of your topic.

    Most importantly, you then want to create a solid thesis to guide your paper and its main points. For example, one idea is: "Although the prevalence of plagiarism and violating academic standards is increasing due to the Internet, lack of ethics and morals within society, and students' laziness, college students must maintain academic honesty in order to become proficient in the future workplace, to uphold American values and codes of conduct, and to ensure that colleges are a place of intellectual growth, not manipulation." Despite its length, I offer a general idea to help.

    First, you might then talk about the prevalence of plagiarism and violations of academic standards among college students. For example, the article, "Are More People Cheating?; Despite Ample Accounts Of Dishonesty, a Moral Decline Is Hard to Calculate," suggests that "there is broad agreement that the Internet has certainly made it much easier to plunder other people's work. Yet even in this area educators, ethicists and lawmakers warn that the Internet has created a murky territory of outdated laws and shifting standards" (http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D05EEDE153CF937A35753C1A9659C8B63). The article further suggests that ''The Web has changed notions of intellectual property, and we don't have the norms to deal with it" ...

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