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    What is true academic honesty?

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    What is true academic honesty? How does knowing the difference among original ideas, common knowledge, and plagiarism help one stay honest when writing an academic paper? What are some of the consequences of not being academically honest?

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    What is true academic honesty?

    True academic honesty has a lot to do with intent as opposed to specifics. Any individual, if honest, understands whether he/she approaches an assignment with academic honesty or not. If the individual is interested and/or passionate about the subject then academic honesty can almost be assumed. This is due to the fact that few of us like being told what to do. We enjoy sharing our opinions and making our preferences known and defending them with statistics, research and facts. When we are not interested in an issue we are more tempted to be academically dishonest. All we concentrate on is getting the assignment done. We jump through the hoops placed before us because we have to in order to achieve the goal we have set.

    True academic honesty then involves approaching a task with the goal of learning as much as possible, and detailing our learning process in a paper, oral report or project. As we work on the project we are careful to give credit where it is due because our goal is to learn rather than to simply accomplish a ...

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