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    Academic Integrity and original academic work

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    Compose a response on Academic Integrity that will focus on the importance of academic honesty and presentation of original academic work. You must include three to five (3-5) peer reviewed sources and must be presented in APA format and style.

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    // Academic Integrity holds an important place for attaining the education mission. Discussing a paper like this requires explanation of the concept in detail, along with highlighting the significance of academic honesty that is important for the students to comply with. We will observe the values inherent in academic integrity. //

    Academic Integrity is a concept that involves various phenomena related and expected from the students. This works as the base on which the academic life prospers smoothly. The term is considered to be complex but the extracted meaning is that it anchors the mission of education. Another aspect also focuses on how academic integrity is also comprehended as the academic honesty which involves forbidden behavior and condemns the habit of cheating and pushing to adopt fair and just practices (Fundamental Principles of Academic Integrity, n. d.).

    The academic integrity is known as the terms and conditions that involve commitment towards fulfilling the fundamental values. It comprises five vital constituents that are fundamental for the academic process also, that are sincerity, faith, equality, admiration and liability. These are the five value systems that reflect the behavior of faculty and students' compatibility with the values. If the situation sounds worse or unfavorable, even then the required behavior is to follow these principles with full dedication and devotion (Lanier, 2006).

    The academic integrity proves to be helpful for the communities as they cannot survive without these principles. To sustain and encourage the high level of academic integrity, these ideals should be supported with dedication. All these principles contribute individually for upgrading the education system and upholding the academic integrity.

    Academic integrity is important on the ...