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    The plethora of information now, since the turn of the centu

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    Please use the three attached articles with attached word document (APA references already done) to write 3-5 page APA formatted paper on academic integrity.

    The focus on this paper is:

    The importance of academic honesty and presentation of original academic work.

    Please see ** ATTACHED ** file(s) for complete details!!

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    Very little is really new in science in literature. It's just recreated and upgraded, with the use of new insights. With the plethora of information now, since the turn of the century, and new innovations, there are more resources than ever available, especially with the World Wide Web. People who do research or write new innovative pieces deserve the credit and revenue gleaned in just the way that one who writes and applies for a patient gets the glory and credit.

    There was a time when teachers in middle and high school, as well as higher education failed to have the resources that are available now for discovering blatantly copying work from another writer and not referencing the source. Technology now is more sophisticated and educators can be more aware of plagiarism done by their students. There is equipment, software and simply placing phrases in Internet search engines that scan and track matches of phrases and sentences for copying. Many books, journals and other media are now available electronically, which helps in tracking plagiarism. In the article titled, Why Plagiarism Matters by Janis P Bellack, she notes "chunks and patterns," as the terminology for detecting copying, where eight consecutive, exact words taken from my original piece on a large scale are the standard. Also, the Website http://www.turnitin.com, a ...

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    The barometer for a word document is importance of academic honesty and presentation