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    The future challenges facing health care in the United State

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    1. Identify and describe at least three of the most difficult issues facing health care in the United States today.

    2. Identify and describe three ways that technology impacts health care.

    3. Describe how health care at the international level will impact the United States health care system.

    4. Describe the ethical challenges we face in the future in health services as it relates to health care reform in the United States.

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    Difficult health care issues in the United States circle around cost benefit analysis. Who gets to benefit and who pays what? Ultimately, who lives and who dies. That will be the question? With regard to death, the beauty of the US is also the challenge. The question and dilemma of who is serviced at the end of life (how long and how much is expended to keep people alive, when a chronic and fatal disease lingers or a patient is in a coma) as well as issues like family planning and terminating life either in abortion, prenatally or other serious newborn issues, especially when it comes to those on Medicare and Medicaid. When a person pays out of pocket, co-pays or has insurance coverage, the controversy peels away to a different layer.

    Also, when a person knowingly chooses high risk behaviors such as smoking, excessive drinking, drug use and poor diet his/her health is ultimately negatively affected. The question about who should be responsible to pay for the serious health conditions that result will need resolution.

    By 2014 health care providers will need to be entirely paperless. One can go to the ear doctor or have an ultrasound and the technology that processes and records the information is practical, and effective. However, in the ...

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    The cost benefit analysis, death and birth are discussed.