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Employment Law Case

Should an employer be allowed to terminate an employee for working during her lunch break even though the employer mandated that she take a lunch break? If yes, do you think the employer had just cause to terminate her? Google the story on Sharon Smiley and Equity Lifestyle Properties in Chicago, IL to find a plethora of information on the event.

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Like Chicago, the state of Texas is an at-will employer, which unfortunately means that a by the book employee can be terminated for any or no reason at all. In the case of Ms. Smiley, it appears that she was asked not to work through lunch and she refused, which in turn prompted the employer to terminate her. Legally, the company was well within their rights to terminate Ms. Smiley. However, whether or not she was due unemployment benefits was the bigger ...

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This solution provides insight into an employment law case whereby an employee was terminated for working during her lunch break.