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    Academic Integrity and Honesty

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    Compose a three to five (3-5) page answer on Academic Integrity that will focus on the importance of academic honesty and presentation of original academic work.

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    Academic Integrity

    I. Academic Integrity Defined

    Academic integrity is a commitment to the fundamental values of honesty, fairness, trust, respect and responsibility that guides academic communities to the principles of behavior that make them translate their ideals into action. (Center for Academic Integrity, Duke University, 1999)

    II. The Five Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity

    The Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) has focused on the five values as a way to define academic integrity. The following are the five fundamental values according to CAI and how each can be practiced in the academic environment:

    1. Honesty is the personal and intellectual honesty a professor, student or researcher shows in the way he/she teaches, learns, or researches.
    2. Trust is one's confidence in the individuals and systems that allows freedom to exchange ideas to reach one's highest potential.
    3. Fairness is the unobscured presentation of the standards for assessment that are applied fairly to the members of the community.
    4. Respect is to recognize that learning is participatory and the perspectives of individuals deserve to be heard and respected.
    5. Responsibility is the belief that everyone in the academic community is accountable in responding appropriately when instances of breach of academic integrity occur. (CAI, 2009)

    III. The Perception and the Problem

    The academic community has been conducting many discussions on academic integrity due to the perception of the rapid increase of unethical academic behavior taking place not only on the college campuses but also on the resources that are freely available on the Worldwide Web. Many students copy these text without referencing and acknowledging the source of the information. There is a contention that since the information in the web are considered common, there is no need to attribute. This may be true to other people but certain academic standards and the ...

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