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    Academic dishonesty paper ideas, format

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    I need help writing a paper on academic dishonesty. If you provide me with any information please ensure it's not plagiarized thank you so much. To include definition of plagiarism? how to avoid it? and how to properly reference?

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    Your posting makes no mention of any formatting protocol that you are expected to use for this assignment. APA and MLA require various word and formatting differences, so it helps if that information is included in your posting - it helps OTAs to more accurately respond to your request.

    I would begin this assignment by brainstorming. This involves writing down, in a limited time (five minutes?) all of the ideas that you already know about your topic. Then, evaluate your ideas. Rank them in order of importance. Add new ideas that occur to you during this step, and throw out bad or unworkable ideas. Once they are ranked, this will form a rough outline for your paper. Do some research to fill in any holes, and to find support for your ideas. Be sure to cite these references according to the formatting protocol you are expected to use for this class.

    Begin writing with an introductory paragraph that "introduces" your readers to the topic. Sometimes this will include a sentence that is called your thesis statement.

    Next comes the body of your paper. Each idea that you will present and discuss, and support with examples will follow the ranking of ideas from your brainstorming. Each idea should be supported with examples and/or citations from your research.

    For a paper the required length that you specified, you will need to explain quite a bit about your topic. I would suggest that you format your paper to match APA guidelines, since APA requires papers to be double-spaced, and that will cut your word count in a 3-5 page paper in half. I will format the references I ...

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    Discussion and examples of ideas and formatting for paper on academic dishonesty,plagiarism, cheating, using APA (6th ed.)