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Importance of Academic Honesty

I need help with forming a well thought out paper on the importance of academic honesty. I also want to address cheating with technology somewhere in the paper.

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Here is a possible outline for your paper. I think I understand what you are looking for, per your last message. I think you could include how to stay honest and the consequences of cheating for a well-designed paper. I hope the outline below gives you some ideas as you start your assignment. I have also included five sources to help you fill in the gaps.

I. Introduction
A. Thesis: Cheating is a temptation to virtually every student, but the results are damaging in more ways than one.
II. The Temptation to Cheat
A. New methods with ...

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Solution provides information about the importance of academic honesty, as well as cheating with technology, organized in outline form helpful for writing a paper. Many good resources are provided as well.