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Academic Dishonesty

I need to include: technology, effects on society, effects on the student, effects on other students, etc.

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Here is a possible outline for your paper. I hope the outline below gives you some ideas as you start your assignment. I have also included some sources to help you fill in additional information, as well as a source about writing in APA format.

I. Introduction
A. You could use some eye-catching new methods of cheating here, if you wanted to by introducing some of the new and fancy methods being used today as a way to catch the readers' attention. Here's a good site to check out:
B. Cheating has always been around and has probably tempted most everyone at one time or another.
C. You could talk about how cheating is a temptation at every age level, but in higher education, the stakes are especially high and the effects are far-reaching.
D. Thesis Suggestion: Academic dishonesty in higher education affects not only the student, but other students around him, and our society as a whole.

II. Effects on the Student
A. Suspension, Expulsion, etc. I don't know what college/university you attend, but I would recommend looking up your schools policy on cheating and including the consequences in ...

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Effects of academic dishonesty on higher education are shown.