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    Manager vs leader

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    Can someone who is a manager not be a leader? Why or why not?

    What are some characteristics of great leaders? Identify two people who you feel possess these characteristics.

    How can managers develop leadership skills?

    Is task-centered leadership more effective than employee-centered leadership? Why or why not?

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    //To make a comparison between the Manager and the Leader, first, we should know the difference and the similarities among both of them. From it, we can define the characteristics of a leader. A leader consists of a kind of distinctiveness, which makes him a leader among several people. I am also providing the example of few great leaders that have the leadership qualities. You can identify more Leaders to enhance your knowledge.\

    Can someone who is a manager not be a leader? Why or why not?

    A Manager is a person who manages his subordinates to complete a particular task. He supervises and controls the activities of his employees. Usually, managers make policies and procedures related with work and expect their subordinates or employees to finish it by using specified manner whereas a leader inspires and motivates people to accomplish the task and he stresses on vision and values (Luthans, 1998).

    No, a manager cannot be leader because he comes up not by his leadership skills but on the basis of good experience of some particular job in an organization. When an employee continuously gives better outcome to his company, he gets promoted and become a manger. So, it is not necessary that a manager can be a leader also.

    What are some characteristics of great ...

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