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What leadership style is best for any organization?

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Is task- centered leadership appropriate in all organizational settings? Why or why not? What variables of leadership styles must be considered before adopting a specific style?

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Various scholars have attempted to classify leadership theories and approaches to leadership according to the "best" style, regardless of organizational type. This is extremely problematic, since the best leadership styles depend on various factors within the organizational culture. The solution provided offers various factors to consider before adopting a specific leadership style. This solution offers an in-depth analysis of factors of leadership style consideration.

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Before I begin by offering my thoughts regarding this question, I believe it is crucial to review what task- centered leadership is. From my personal knowledge, which is comprised of over nine years of higher education, specifically focusing on business cultures, task- centered leadership centers on the premise of achieving a set task, increasing workplace production, and carrying out specific goals. Task- centered leaders often prefer working with high performers, who come to work to get work done, rather than those who incorporate the people aspect and task orientation in their position. Task- centered leaders, as explained by Misumi (1985), are known as "performance leaders." These leaders solicit and require performance from all those who they interact with. Thus, these leaders are notorious for creating a culture of work, production, success, and advancement.

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