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What do you think about leadership failure?

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What do you think about leadership failure? Include definition, causes, consequences and lessons learned.

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The solution determines what you think about leadership failures. The definition, causes, consequences and lessons learned are determined.

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Leadership is defined by Robbins and Coulter (2004) as a process of influencing a group toward the achievement of goals. As such, a leader is therefore someone who can influence others toward performance so that eventually, organizational or group goals would be achieved. To be able to influence people, a leader uses any one or a mix of the following styles: autocratic, democratic, and laissez - faire styles.

A democratic leader involves subordinates in decision-making; he delegates authority and encourages participation. An autocratic leader does the decision himself (centralized decision), dictates work (Robbins and Coulter, 2004), and limits participation of subordinates. A leader with laissez-faire style gives freedom to the group to make decisions and complete the work.

Furthermore, to influence others toward performance, a leader may be employee-oriented (concern for people) or production- oriented (concern for production). Depending on how a leader analyzes the readiness of the group, he varies the degree of orientation or centeredness on either people or production.

Considering these discussions, leadership effectiveness and success can therefore be manifested by a leader's ability to influence a group toward performance. Group or organizational goals are attained through a group of productive subordinates who are well motivated and have the commitment to work. However, this may only be possible if they have the respect on the leader and the confidence on his ...

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