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Transformational change leader

Part of being a successful leader is knowing what things lead to failure as well as what things lead to success. As a transformational change leader, what things are important to do and not do to avoid failure? How does one develop this knowledge?

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Leadership, typically involves an element of vision -- except in cases of involuntary leadership and often in cases of traditional leadership. A vision provides direction to the influence process. A leader (or group of leaders) can have one or more visions of the future to aid them to move a group successfully towards this goal. A vision, for effectiveness, should allegedly:

- appear as a simple, yet vibrant, image in the mind of the leader
- describe a future state, credible ...

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A discussion of leadership is discussed in this 307 word solution, along with their vision for the future to achieve goals and what they can do that leads to success or failure. References are included.