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    Leadership skills reactions

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    Jon Kolkos teaches interactive design and social entrepreneurship at the Austin Center of Design. He has held many high level positions; such as vice president of design, Principle director, and Professor of Interactive design, to name a few. He is the author of several books that describe interactive design. Jon Kolkos's main work is to teach interactive design and entrepreneurship's to start up and fortune 500 companies. His main interest is humanizing educational technology. Kolko's has sparked the interest of many high profile organizations and events with his knowledge of interactive design. Two of the things that stuck out to me the most about Jon Kolkos is design and empathy. These are two words we are learning a lot about right now. Design thinking teaches us to think outside of the box and take something we have and create something new with it. Design thinking looks at something from all angles and creates something extraordinary. Empathy is important. Having empathy allows us to step in side others shoes and get down to the roots of our being. One of Jon's books is titled How to use Empathy to Create Something People Love. This makes so much sense to me because in order to understand what people want or need we have to be able to empathize with them. How else do we really know what to make? Would you give a tissue to someone who isn't crying? That wouldn't make much sense would it? Unless they had a cold. My point is that when we create a new design we have to think about what others would want. We do that by getting to know those people and empathizing with them. Another interesting subject that Jon Kolkos talks about is tolerating failure. We learn from failure. We fail only to make it better. There is nothing wrong with failure unless you don't learn from it.

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    Empathy is a human condition that must be acquired, and once acquired, humans have to consistently work at remain empathetic to others as it is human nature to remain selfish and only focus on (your) own problems, solutions, needs, etc. Therefore, understanding how another person's experiences and circumstances have shaped their point of view is very ...

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