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Leadership Qualities - emotional intelligence

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What personal steps could a leader take to increase and strengthen, Emotional Intelligence?

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This solution provides a brief (500 words) response to the question - what personal steps a leader could take to strengthen emotional intelligence, with reference to Dye, C (2000) Leadership in healthcare: Essential values and skills, Health Administration Press

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Leadership Qualities - What personal steps could a leader take to increase and strengthen, Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence requires a high level of self knowledge and interpersonal skills including the ability to be aware of and understand the emotional needs of others as well as your own. As with any skill, emotional intelligence can be maintained or improved with practice and through taking a number of personal and purposeful steps. As recommended in Dye (Chapter 10) emotional intelligence can be improved by developing and managing some of the core elements of emotional intelligence including self-esteem, the emotions, self-motivation, effective command and interpersonal skills and finally to also help others to achieve the same goals (Dye 2000).

Dye explores the concept of "self-awareness" identified as a personal attribute giving ...

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