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    Power Corruption Cycle in Careers

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    I need some help in answering questions on the 'Power Corruption Cycle'. Can you recall a personal situation in your career (or the career of a co-worker) when another employee asked you to do something that you perceived as unethical?

    1. Please describe the incident and include the response to the individual that made the request. Do not include individual or business names.
    2.What is emotional intelligence?
    3. How is it related to leadership?
    4.How is emotional intelligence related to different leadership traits?
    5.What leadership traits might prevent corruption, or promote it?

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    1. My manager asked me to lie about our product capabilities to our customer that was on verge of switching to a different vendor. The reason that he asked me to talk to the customer because of the relationship that I had cultivated with the customer over the years. The main customer contact worked her way to the Director of her division. Whenever she or someone on her team had a problem that could not be solved by one of my team members, she would ask for me and I would help solve the problem. I was able to help her out on many occasions when her back was up against the wall. Also, I would tell her the truth.
    Our salesman did an excellent job of selling her on one of our new technologically advanced products. The salesman exaggerated the capabilities of the products. One of team members trained the customer and brought up a few items that were product exaggerations made by the salesman. The customer immediately called me and asked for clarification on the products. I explained that the trainer did provide the accurate information. I walked her through the capabilities of the products. She wasn't happy because of the deception, but she still wanted to move forward because of my honesty.
    After 12 months, the customer began to experience problems with our products. The salesman was quick to point out that the problems should be expected over time, but that we had a ...

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    The power corruption cycles in careers are examined. How the emotional intelligence related to different leadership traits are determined.