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Expectancy Theory and Ideals

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Examine ideals and theories of making a workable plan to improve the emotional skills and competencies of people in the work place. Why do competencies need to be improved within a work place?

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One theory associated with emotional skills and competency in the workplace is the Expectancy theory (Vroom, l964 as cited in Hsiu-Li, Su-Houn, & Shih-Ming, 2011)) is applied to individual motivation, which according to the theory an individual's efforts spent will be determined by expected outcomes and the values placed on the outcomes in a person's mind. For example, Expectancy models have been suggested to predict individuals' decision to learn how to use the computer (Gallo, 1986). Gallo's model was focused on motivational factors associated with computer learning such as: (a) job effort, (b) job performance, (c) job satisfaction, (d) managerial motivation, and (e) occupational choice (House, Shapiro, & Wahba, 2007 as cited in Hsiu-Li et al, ...

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This solution examined theories that are designed to improve competencies and skills in the worplace.