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Expectancy theory (training and development)

You are a trainer explaining the expectancy theory to a group of managers so they can better understand and deal with employee motivation problems.One of the managers says, "I don't have time for this theory stuff. I want real-world training that helps me in my job." How would you respond to the trainee? What is your rationale for your response?

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//Firstly, we will talk about the expectancy theory to train managers. We will explain this theory and its importance. Along with this, the response to the trainee has also been clearly written, so that one can understand the theory and can use it practically in one's job and motivate employees effectively.//

Expectancy Theory and my Response to the trainee

I would say to the trainee that without having the clear conceptual knowledge, it is not easy to understand the real world situation nor the training can guide effectively in such a situation. This theory provides not only the theoretical concepts but provides guidance to the individual related to the perception and histories which permits the richness of response. Without having any prior knowledge, the chances of making mistakes are greater and that ...