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Expectancy Theory

What are the key tenets of expectancy theory? What has research had to say about this theory?

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Expectancy theory (Vroom, l964) is applied to individual motivation, which according to the theory an individual's efforts spent will be determined by expected outcomes, and the values placed on the outcomes in a person's mind (Isaac, Zerbe, & Pitt, 2001 as cited in Hsiu-Li, Su-Houn, & Shih-Ming, 2011). In other words, an Expectancy model can be utilized to evaluate behavior, and assess outcomes resulting from the behavior. As explained by Hsiu-Li et al, the tenets of the Expectancy model is concerned with the effort people assert that isassessed with systematic analysis such as: (a) the values of ...

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This solution discussed teh Expectancy as it relates to behaviro and outcomes.