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Communication theory

I have the following example:

A woman receives a tremendous job offer to work with Phillip Morris (tobacco company) but her husband died of lung cancer due to smoking for 30 years. It is the type of work she has been waiting to do. Although it is a lucrative offer, she turns down the job because it is inconsistent with her personal beliefs and views.

Please tell me what type of theory it is from the ones below:

Symbolic Interaction Theory
Coordinated Management of Meaning
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Expectancy Violations theory
Uncertainty Reduction Theory
Social Penetration Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Relational Dialectics Theory
Communication Privacy Management Theory

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I would qualify this, when using one of the above terms, as social exchange theory. The theory is about weighing the risks and benefits of an action or behavior and then choosing the course of least costs. In the case of the woman, her benefits are the type of work she has been waiting to do, ...

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A discussion on the applicable theory from OTA point of view and reasons for choice of theory. Theory choices provided in question.