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Please help me write a two-page paper on how to become a better leader using leadership concepts including but not limited to: leadership style, communication, coaching, training, and motivating employees. Make sure you fully, and specifically, justify your comments.

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//Before writing about the strategies for becoming a better leader, we have to understand the meaning of leadership and the leadership concepts. It will be helpful in understanding the importance of leadership skills and concepts. Then, we will discuss about the characteristics of a good leader and leadership concepts. For example: //


Leadership may be defined in terms of totality of functions performed by executives as individuals and as a group "Leadership is interpersonal influence exercised in a situation and directed through communication process, towards the attainment of a specialized goal or goals". (Prasad, 2003)

Thus, leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group for goal achievement in a given situation. An analysis of the definition of leadership gives certain basis characteristics. These are as follows:

? Leadership is basically a personal quality. This quality motivates the individuals to be with the leader.

? Leader, by exercising his leadership, tries to influence the behavior of individuals around him to fulfill certain pre- determined objectives.

? Leader tries to influence the individual to behave in a particular way.

? There is a relationship between the leader and individuals (followers) which arises out of functioning for a common goal.

? Leadership is a continuous process of influencing behavior.

? Leadership is exercised in a particular situation. The situation variables ...

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