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Leaders should avoid micromanagement. This act creates such a level of frustration that new and innovative ideas can die on the vine and never see the light of day. The leader that micromanages has a lot to learn about people and organizations. Do you agree with this statement?

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Micromanagement is a managerial style in which managers closely observe, control, instruct, and direct subordinates. Although, some managers have good intentions when using this managerial approach it still creates negative factors. There are many negative factors of micromanagement, but for this study we will observe three from the perspective of human behavior. Behavior is the study of what people think, feel, and do. Let us consider these three concepts, think, feel, and do in terms of micromanagement.

Think - When employees are constantly being told what to do, the manager has ...

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This is a 400 word response of the effects of micromanagement and how it correlates to employee behavior.

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