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What are the advantages and disadvantages of micromanagement? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a emphasizing relationships over accomplishment of specific project goals? What middle course should a project manager steer in managing his project team? When should a project manager step in and when should a project manager be more hands off?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of micromanagement?

Micromanagement happens when managers exercise excessive control of their employees or of a project. Employees are closely observed and monitored by their managers. This type of management has its pros and cons. Among them are listed below:


? Constant guidance by manager resulting in fewer errors and more learning by the employee concerned.
? It is good and applicable to newly hired employees.
? It can also be advantageous to apply it on an employee who has changed output or performance.


? Being excessively involved into the jobs of the employees discourages developing the decision-making and leadership qualities of the employees.
? More chances of rift between the micromanagers and their employees.
? Politics will take center stage while progress for the organization is less focused.
? It discourages empowerment and development of self-confidence because employees consult their managers at all times so they miss to see the big picture.
? Subordinates who want to think on their own and feel more independent feel frustrated.
? Waiting for further instructions will cause delay in work because manager has many things to do ...

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