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Relating Cultural Values to Work Performance

List and discuss three personal values specific to your own (micro) culture. How do these values relate to work performance? What can management do to leverage these values to improve work performance?

People are constantly bombarded with information. Page 42 of the text that cites an example of a study by Iyengar and Lepper (2000) where grocery shoppers were presented with a sampling of either six or twenty four jams. The result was that the group that was offered the larger set did not end up buying. Do you feel that having too many choices and too much information actually prevents decision making? Provide an example that supports your case.

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(Micro culture: a distinguishable group of people who share a set of values, beliefs, and behaviors and who possess a common history and a verbal and nonverbal sign system that is similar to but thoroughly varies from the larger, often dominant cultural environment.

Three personal values specific to your own (micro) culture
1. Strong kinship bonds: micro culture consumed in the value of family bonds and ties. Family comes first and as members' age, they take on a dominant, leadership role. These members are highly respected, representing respect, authority, and wisdom.

2. Strong religious orientation: micro culture strongly involved in belief of a being higher than we are; our God; who is the omnipotent presence that guides our lives and we are charged with the undisputable task of obedience. Our religion stems from a past that engrained in our ancestors the need to seek out and cling to a ...

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