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    Job Analysis of a Chemical Engineer

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    Develop documentation for human resources professionals to manage a specific employment position. The materials you create would assist human resources professionals to choose, train, and develop successful employees toward helping the company meet its goals.

    - Reference at least one human resources journal and at least one reputable Web site for human resources professionals, in addition to the text. Format references according to APA guidelines.

    - The five project deliverables will all focus on a single employment position. The deliverables are as follows:

    1. Executive summary
    2. Presentation on job analysis
    3. Tips for the selection process
    4. Script for orienting new employees
    5. Training proposal

    (Chemical Engineer is the job.)

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    There are four steps that I can use to explain your posting. These are:

    STEP 1
    On job analysis:

    Usually the chemical engineer is required to carry out work like: Designing and planning the layout of the equipment, developing processes to separate components of gases or liquids, generating electric current and in general using controlled chemical processes. In addition, the chemical engineer is also required to supervise the workers who are involved in chemical and chemical processing activities. This may involve finding out the specific gravity, temperature control, density determination, evaporation, distillation, heat transfer, crushing, drying, mixing, use of electromagnetic equipment and use of pressure.

    To carry out these tasks the Chemical Engineer is required to keep himself aware of the current technical developments and keep abreast of the knowledge. In addition, he must be able to correctly communicate with his supervisors, colleagues, and co-workers. His communication must be effective; His estimates of information about quantities, temperatures, materials and quality must be accurate. Equipment in a factory keeps on changing and it is his duty to ensure that the new equipment is compatible with the processes in the factory. He must be able to use information generated by the production process for anticipating hitches, breakdowns and aberrations. He must have decision- making abilities, he must be able to organize the production process, plan it and control its outcome. One of the most important tasks of a chemical engineer relates to the examination and control of the process, the factory environment, the raw material and finished product.

    STEP 2

    On tips ...

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    This posting gives a job analysis, selection and orientation of a chemical engineer. It also gives a training proposal. This solution is 1000 words with one resource.