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    Calculations for Isothermal Reaction

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    In a chemical plant one of the products produced is carbon monoxide, CO. It is proposed to utilize this CO by reacting it with water to form hydrogen gas. The "unbalanced" chemical equation is

    CO + H2O ---> CO2 + H2

    If the CO and H2O come into the reaction chamber at 0.1 MPa and 400 K, what is the required heating for an isothermal reaction?

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    In this problem the Heat of Reaction is calculated using the Heat of formation of CO, H2O , CO2 and H2. The semireactions are:

    C + ½ O2 ---- > CO Hf1 = - 26.416 Kcal/mole
    H2 + ½ O2 ----- > H2O Hf2 = -57.8 Kcal/mole

    C + ...

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    The solution consists of a detailed example of a heat of reaction calculation using the values of heat of formation for molecules.