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    First law of Thermodynamics, Entropy and Enthalpy

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    Please help with the problems involving applied heat thermodynamics.

    3. Calculate the change in enthalpy during a compression process in which the work done on the working medium is 24 kJ, and the change in internal energy is 36 kJ.
    Heat added or rejected

    4. Derive the numerical ratio ---------------------------- for
    Work done
    (a) an adiabatic process
    (b) an isothermal process.

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    1. Change in enthalpy dH = dU+ PdV, where dU is the change in internal energy and PdV =dW is the work done due to compression of gas

    Here dU=36 kJ,
    PdV=24 kJ, dH = 36 + 24 = 60 ...

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    From the first law of Thermodynamics, the entropy and enthalpy for an adiabaic and isothermal process is calculated.