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Emotional Intelligence

Do you believe that employees can learn/be trained to be more emotionally intelligent?

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Emotionally intelligent people are aware how their communication and behavior are affecting other people's moods. They practice what they preach and they know how to give people a sense of clarity and direction. Being emotionally intelligent themselves, they encourage others to do their best just like what they are doing. They are honest and can manage turbulent changes and situations. These types of people bring out the best in others. Imagine an organization which considers and tests the emotional intelligence of their applicants before hiring them. The result would be a very attractive workplace with all the people developing each other and bringing out the best in everyone. But then this is not the case at all times. A candidate may be qualified for a position with all the skills and knowledge required for the job but he/she may not have a high emotional intelligence score. It is in this connection that organizations ...

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Characteristics of emotionally intelligent people and the possibilities of people to be trained to be emotionally intelligent. References are included.