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    Emotional Intelligence

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    3. The way a company lays off their employees speaks highly of the company's level of empathy, a key part of Emotional Intelligence. Can you recall a time, from experience, or in the news, where a company's actions changed your perception of their brand?
    4. Daniel Goleman shares insight on how the level of emotional intelligence Executives and Senior Managers possess affects the success of a company. Do you agree with Daniel Goleman when he states that, "People don't leave companies, they leave bosses?" Should all leadership positions be required to undergo emotional intelligence tests prior to hiring?

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    1. I used to go out of my way to buy Polartec fleece, a product made by Malden Mills. The owner of Malden Mills, Aaron Feuerstein, when faced with a devastating fire that destroyed his mill, could have taken hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance money decided to rebuild, he already did more than most. However, in addition to that, he did not lay off workers, per say, but instead paid them ...

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    An example of a boss who took the employees needs into first consideration and the value of emotional intelligence testing.