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Holistic Approach to Expatriate Success

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Hello I need help with the following assignment:

Read this attached article which is a research study about using a holistic approach for expatriate selection for companies in the hospitality industry. Summarize the article and identify another company/industry that you think could have success with this approach and defend your position.

Any help is very much needed.

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The holistic approach to expatriate successes are given.

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Expatriate failures are very common and very expensive to the company. Failure occurs when a person quits or returns home early from an overseas assignment. Companies have to choose their expatriates carefully, but the current methods are both good and bad. It is failure in the bad areas that lead to losses.

Technical skills and competence are easily measured. However, the article deals with those less obvious things such as emotional intelligence, family, diet and exercise, and the person's orientation to learning. The author thinks a more holistic approach, particularly in the hospitality field is needed. Different approaches to training and analysis of people will lead to more successes.

The resume is the first place to start, assuring the selection begins with the technical skills. Ability to do the work, fluency in the ...

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