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    Holistic Management- Implementing Holistic Approaches

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    I have seen many cases where conventional management practices continue to fail in organizations because those practices tend to only focus on profitability of the organization, rather that looking at the entire "big picture" that encompasses a holistic approach. This includes looking at how developing a product or service impacts the political and technological environment, in addition to how the end product or service impacts the consumer's life. But what would be the best example of this thought?

    How do analyzing holistic management theories and concepts improve an organization's outcome? Also, what might be some examples that a department or organization create to smoothly transition to more efficient practices?

    What are 2-3 key points that managers or executives need to take heed to when trying a holistic approach?

    Now that I am getting more and more acclimated to the holistic management topic, I am thinking that more organizations should learn about this management style. I think the problem is knowing the steps to this approach. Resistance to change, cost associated with change, and innovation I think take a part in leaders leaving holistic management approaches to the back burn.

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    The concept of conventional management is constantly loosing its importance in organizations owing to its narrow scope. The prime focus of conventional management practices is on improving the profitability of an organization rather than viewing the organization as a whole. The paper will include a brief discussion on holistic management theories and concepts, and how they help in improving the outcomes of an organization. The paper will also include a brief discussion on various key points that managers must keep in mind while implementing the holistic approach. The paper will also amalgamate the material in order to get an insight into the way in which organizations can smoothly transact from using conventional practices to implement more effective holistic management theories.

    Holistic management accounts to a system thinking approach towards management of various resources of an organization. This in turn helps in improving production, enhancing sustainability, generating financial strength of the organization and improving the quality of life of individuals associated with the organization (Christopher, 2007). The holistic management approach provides managers with a decision-making framework that ensures decisions undertaken by them are in accordance with the health and safety of the society, economy, and environment. Holistic management includes taking into account the entire organization, as a whole, rather than only taking into consideration the perceived part. It also involves determining the impact of products and services on the life of consumers (Christopher, 2007).

    The holistic ...

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