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    Personal Values Paper

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    Please provide assistance on an assignment that forces students to write about and reflect on their personal values, what those values mean to them, and if those values stand up to thoughtful scrutiny. I want them to search for support for their ideas, and defend their choices. How do I do that?

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    This assignment handout is only one example of a research paper based on personal values. This particular assignment makes students reflect, research and cite (MLA) for supporting views, and then write a paper presenting those values and defending them.

    One other idea along this same line would be to require students to select a famous person from history whose values they respect and admire relating to society, others and self, and require them to perform similar research both supporting and defending those values. I must caution you, however, in selecting this particular assignment opportunity, in that you cannot impose your own value judgments upon who the student selects. You must evaluate the responses based on the student's research and conclusions, regardless of the historical figure they choose to admire.

    A third idea is to tell the students that they each will found a new religion. They must write a paper in which they set forth the tenants, or beliefs, of this new ...

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    An assignment suitable for high school through Sophomore collegiate students that requires research and reflection on personal values for society, others/peers and self. An example assignment is included, and ideas for two other alternative assignments are mentioned.