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    World View : An extensive Exploration of Personal Values & B

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    The solution is an extensive essay written in the APA format tackling the Philosophical issues & arguments for the purpose of putting together a paper on Values, Ethics, personal philosophy/belief systems and goals with the full details indicated below:

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to explore your values across a spectrum of issues with the ultimate goal of examining their consistency.
    Many people hold values they have never really examined as a whole. They think of each value "one-at-a-time," if they think of them at all. Most people never question their values unless they are confronted by a person with an opposing value, and, then, are frequently unable to defend that value because they haven't really thought about the implications of holding it. In fact, most people just pick up the values they hold from the people around them?their parents, their friends, their society?without looking to see if the collection of values are consistent and work together or if they actually contradict one another. Thus, the purpose of this paper (project) is to examine the values you hold on the topics we are discussing in class to come up with your WORLD VIEW, then examine it to see how the pieces fit or do not fit together.
    CONTENT: You should discuss your values as they relate to:
    ? The existence of God
    ? The nature of God
    ? Suffering/evil
    ? Immortality
    ? The role of faith
    ? The meaning of life
    ? The contractual or non-contractual basis of society
    ? Liberty or equality as the highest social value
    ? The justice/injustice of capitalism
    ? The goal of having a world government
    ? Whether race, gender, etc. are essential to identity
    ? Pleasure as the only or not the only value in life
    ? The nature of happiness
    ? Freedom vs. determinism (personal and natural)
    ? Responsibility
    ? Mind vs. brain
    ? The nature of thought (can computers do it?)
    ? Human nature as selfish or not
    ? Memory and identity
    ? What we can know
    ? What real knowledge is
    ? How to determine the reliability of knowledge
    ? Whether TRUTH exists
    ? EXPLAIN YOUR VALUES. You will need to first explain the values you hold based on the readings in the text. Which side of these issues do you fall on and why? How strongly do you hold each value? Why? You will need to use material from the text to support your claims (both as direct support and as material to refute in proving your position is correct). You are free to do outside research, but it is not necessary. If you do choose this path, you still must relate everything to our text.

    ? FIND ILLUSTRATIONS FROM POPULAR CULTURE. Look for cartoons, TV shows, movies, song lyrics, poems, editorials, newspaper articles, etc., that illustrate and support your values. These examples can be used to reinforce what you believe or they can be used as counterpoints that you argue against or use to illustrate why the opposing value should not be held. These should be included in your paper (either as integrated within the paper or in an appendix.

    ? DISCUSS THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE VALUES YOU HOLD. Don't just talk about the values you hold. What is their significance? What are the implications of those values (where do they lead)?

    ? EXAMINE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOUR VALUES. Do they support one another? Do they fit together? How? Do they contradict one another? Why? What is the importance/significance of that "fit" or "non-fit"?

    ? CONCLUSIONS: What conclusions can you draw from this extensive self-examination? Where does this leave you in terms of your world view? Does any part of your world view still need "work"? Significance? Implications?

    This needs to be a 10 page paper (minimum 3000 words).

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    Dear Student,
    Since you have not indicated the materials/references you used in this particular class, I cannot ensure that the materials I used for references and sources are similar to the ones that you are using in class, therefore I am not going to be able to say with confidence that the opinions formed in the solution provided would be concise to the ones shared by your professor. Fear not, however, this is an exercise in self-examination, and as I see it, an exercise that encourages you to create a no-holds-barred discourse pertaining to the concepts & ideas indicated I order for you, in the end, to exercise reflexivity and 'see' yourself by reading through the material/essay you have created to arrive at a personal conclusion of who you are, how you reason and how you see & ...

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    The solution is an extensive essay written in the APA format,fully referenced, tackling the Philosophical issues & arguments for the purpose of putting together a paper on Values, Ethics, personal philosophy/belief systems and goals with the full details indicated in the original problem. The solution is also attached as a word file for easy printing.