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    Ethical Issues: Personal Values Development

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    Prepare a paper on personal values development examining your personal values, ground rules, and/or ethics development.

    Focus on the developmental aspect rather than on a particular position on any issue. Define what your values are, the sources (people, institutions, events, etc.) that helped shape your values, and the criteria and decision-making factors you utilize to revise them. Also, discuss the potential impact of your values and your performance in the workplace.

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    Before discussing the development of personal values, it is necessary to understand and consider the meaning of personal values and the sources of these personal values as with this consideration, we can effectively write a paper on our own personal development.

    We are all aware of the fact that our universe is brought up of a number of diverse groups that hold their own peculiar moral touchstones. Primarily personal values are the principles that determine the quality and the course of an individual's life and his pattern of decision making procedures. In this world, every individual has diverse values and ethical touchstones and their ethics and values are fixed by their own particular culture, setting and surroundings. A value is a notion, a delegation, or a doctrine that is significant (Personal and Social Values and Skills). Personal values are the profoundly held notions that basically direct our everyday decisions (Lopper, 2007).

    Living by these values personally and professionally, can stabilize an individual's life in a number of ways. Development of personal values overall perk up an individual's everyday life individually and competently. Developed values can also change through time, as when we are children we develop different values from those we hold when we grow up. Development of personal values over time can be done effectively by having an open mind and appropriating novel life teachings. Continuous development of personal values of my own had allowed me to become an adaptable person with the potentiality for alteration (Personal Values as the Foundation).

    Above, we discussed about the personal values and the benefit of personal values development. Now we will discuss about my own personal development by examining my own personal values, ground rules and ethics development.

    In my own family, civilization is very significant to our rearing. The conceptions of family integrity, sincerity and education were fixed in me at an early age. My own personal values were acquired early in my life and my childhood along with significant moral and ethical values that shaped me into the individual I have developed into. A clear set of personal values given to me by my family had built the credibility and trust in me that in turn had developed a leadership quality in me. My peculiar ground values like integrity, leadership qualities, problem-resolving skills, helpfulness, responsibility and bravery have directed me into an individual, who is able to guide others into the situations like bestowing innovation and dealing with challenges as they come up.

    The ethics that had been taught to me through my family include always going with right rather than the wrong, and never ...