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The Habits of Strong Ethical Leaders

Discuss at least 5 of the 7 habits of strong ethical leaders. Use examples to support your answer.

Here are the 5 habits:

(1) Ethical leaders have strong personal character
(2) Ethical leaders have a passion to do right
(3) Ethical leaders are proactive
(4) Ethical leaders consider stakeholder's interest
(5) Ethical leaders are role models for the organization's values

Text: Business Ethics
Ferrell, O.C., Fraedrich, J., & Ferrell, L. (2008). Business ethics: Ethical decision making and cases (7th ed.) Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN:-13:978-0618-74934-8 ISBN: 0618749349

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According to Ferrel,, the following are the five habits of strong ethical leaders:

1. Ethical leaders have strong personal character. Leaders with strong character serve as example and model to his colleagues in the organization. He can withstand any temptation and remain firm in his principles and values. Instilling leaders who are ethical is far more complicated than one expects it to be. How to teach and develop a moral person in the corporate world is challenging. It requires intellectual skills to resolve the ethical dilemmas that are present in the day-to-day events in the corporate environment. One problem that has to be addressed regarding the development of values and virtues is the presence of cultural diversity in some business environments. The privacy of individuals who have different beliefs and culture must be respected. It is essential that individuals have to be equipped with intellectual skills that can address the complexities that are inherent of ethical issues.

An example that can be done by a leader having this trait is when he is faced by temptations ...

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