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    Bullying Epidemic

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    My thesis is: Bullying is an aggressive behavior that affects students and as a result may take their own life and it should be outlawed in all schools.

    1) what is bullying, just an overview.
    2) why bullying matter is significant for people.
    3) why bullying should be outlawed?

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    My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes today related to bullying. By way of introduction, I am a Professor of Education in the state of Arizona.

    Related to your thesis, you have three important issues to discuss. Let me give you some notes related to each one.

    What is bullying?

    Bullying encompasses a variety of different behaviors. It can take on the form of verbal, physical, or emotional abuse. While we typically associate such behavior with children, any age person (even adults) can be a victim of bullying, just as any age of person can be labeled a bully. At the middle school level, bullying is especially concerning because of the age of psychological development that a typical middle school student finds themselves in. Bullies can harass their classmates in such a way that forces them to do things, or think in ways, that they ...

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    A discussion of the bullying epidemic in America's middle schools. 620 words with references.