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Peer-Reviewed Article Summaries

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Using the University Library, browse through a number of articles from peer-reviewed journals in Developmental Psychology. Read several abstracts (at least 12). Select three articles that address topics that you may want to investigate further. Write a one paragraph summary of each article, explaining what you found most interesting and why. After each summary, provide the full reference for the article in APA style.

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Here are some examples:

Reference: Kaiser, A & Roberts, M. (2011). Advances in early communication and language intervention.
Journal of Early Intervention, 3, 298-309.

Communication in children is an important part of their development in all subsets
including reading, behavior, and functional development. All children learn to communicate in
some way but need to eventually learn to speak the words of their language. Without this process
beginning at an appropriate age, the child begins to digress in certain areas of functionality. A
child naturally starts to babble and puts words together by at least age two. If this process does
not occur, subsequent behavior changes can occur over the long run such as poor reading skills
in later grades and risk for behavior problems are four times more likely. Early intervention is
critical for children who do not express themselves phonologically. These children may have
problems that a therapist can correct or decide what recourse a parent can take for treatment.
Parents should be encouraged to use tools to ...

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